03/17/2018 Saturday at 5:30 PM

831 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015 (DTLA)

hola, friends! you're invited to my birthday celebration.

i was super depressed to turn 30 last year that i couldn't party properly... haha!

so i decided to do something big this year to make up. hence, the name of this party: belated 30+1

it will be double the fun because we're celebrating 2 years worth of bdays!!!

as we get older, it gets harder to gather everyone in one place at the same time.

and i know we're all super busy, so i want to use my bday as an excuse to see all of you!

i won't hold a grudge if you can't make it though. just make sure you buy me a shot next time i see you :)

instead of bothering me with questions (i'm a very busy person HAHA jk) please refer to below Q&A for the party.

but feel free to contact me anyway for further questions: 213-505-1226.

although i've turned 31, let's party like we're 21!

- lisa jun

need headcount to give to venue & for food! please RSVP asap - by 3/3/18

if you're bringing someone, they need to RSVP separately

name *

Q & A

Q: can i bring my significant other?

A: of course, my horse! your husband, wife, bf, gf, dog, and cat are all welcome. no horses. the venue holds up to 50, so there will be plenty of room. just make sure you RSVP for them separately so i can get a proper headcount. 

Q: i can't get there by 5:30 because i have prior arrangements. can i go a little late?

A: well the thing you're doing better be important!! haha if you come late, i would still welcome you with open arms. but please indicate your ETA in the message section of your RSVP. just know that we need to be out of the venue by 11 PM!

Q: what kind of venue is it?

A: i rented a small studio space in DTLA. it's not a restaurant. just a space to host events.

Q: where do i park?

A: as you know, parking is kind of hard in DTLA. but the studio is not located in a hipster area, so street parking will definitely be available. if you're near, i highly recommend uber though.. the neighborhood is not the nicest and i cannot guarantee the safety of your vehicle.. or your valuables in there.

Q: will there be food?

A: i'll have snacks and tacos prepared for your consumption because we need to fill up our stomach before all the alcohol! but i would really appreciate a small donation of $20/person for food & drinks (non-alcoholic) because i'm not a millionaire and i can't feed all of you with my own money :) :) :) please bring $20 cash to be collected or venmo me @lisajun

Q: will there be alcohol?

A: i will have limited amount of beer and wine but i'm asking everyone to bring alcohol of your choice, preferably hard liquor. i'll prepare juice/soda/chasers so we can make mixed drinks. whiskey is always welcome :) bigger the better *wink

Q: is there a bathroom? and if so, is it clean?

A: i know most of you don't care, but i personally care a lot about the cleanliness of bathrooms wherever i go. and yes, i can assure you there is a clean bathroom in the studio!

Q: what will we be doing?

A: if i can get the projector to work, we will have movies playing on one side of the wall. there will also be games/activities and wait for it... the winners will be awarded with gift cards! so if you're worried that it might get awkward for you to come, no worries. there will be plenty of alcohol and things to do.