meet the girls in charge


We are a design company based in the heart of Los Angeles who specializes in event design, décor, and paper goods, with a focus on customized designs.  Some examples of what we do include signage, invitations, cake toppers, backdrops, floral garlands, greeting cards, portraits, etc.

We both acknowledge that 80% of our job is listening, especially at the start of a project, because it really is THAT important!  So if you're near us, we would love to talk with you in person (unless, of course, if you're an introvert.. we won't torture you like that). Providing an open and comfortable atmosphere for our clients is important to us. It also doesn’t hurt that we are really fun and easy to talk to! 

As a company, we are most proud of our process, because we do not have a cookie-cutter way of approaching each given situation. We listen to your story and then we create a few rough sketches of what we feel like you are envisioning. Once we receive your feedback on the design, we have a very clear image of what you want and proceed with the final sketch.  As soon as you approve the final design, we are not afraid to delve into different mediums to achieve that final look.  We are also well aware of our clients’ budget at the beginning of each project, and we do our best to adjust some of the materials being used with a more cost-friendly alternative, all without compromising the final look of the product.

Click the "contact" button in the menu and reach out to us. We won't bite!

- Lisa & Sharon J.